Recommended New Bookmakers for MMA Betting | Don’t Bet on Wing Tsun Fighter

Between Boxing and MMA, boxing is the more prominent sport. However, MMA predates Boxing and the activity has seen its popularity skyrocket in recent years.

It is little wonder that so many New Bookmakers are working so hard to offer lucrative MMA Betting opportunities.

Of course, when it comes to betting, the same old names tend to dominate the conversation. And MMA is no different. Any conversation about the best bookmakers for MMA betting almost always leads to talk of the following:

  1. Bet365
  2. Bet365 is the home of UFC betting. They were among the first bookmakers to recognize the financial potential of MMA. That might explain why they have an entire section of their website dedicated to the UFC.

    They always price up UFC bouts. They also offer ight Winner’ and otal Rounds’ markets. They even have in-play betting options, not to mention a litany of special promotions that accompany fights featuring major athletes.

  3. Paddy Power
  4. This Irish bookmaker rivals Bet365 in the MMA arena, offering twenty different markets on high profile bouts, going in-play for UFC fights that have been priced up when the action begins and availing a diverse selection of betting options.

  5. 888 Sport
  6. Like its competitors in the field, this bookmaker provides a decent choice of markets for the wide selection of UFC bouts it covers. They also offer in-play betting.

It could be argued that you can’t go wrong with any of the choices above. They seem to mirror one another so closely in so many areas that whichever bookmaker you choose is bound to satiate your desires.

Other interesting options include ntertops’ and ome on!’. In truth, your choice of bookmaker doesn’t matter nearly as much as the bets you actually make once you locate your new bookmakers.

It takes a bit of effort to sift through the options, to scrutinize the statistics to find a winning fighter.

Most professionals will encourage you to pay close attention to the style of martial arts in play. The MMA arena is supposed to combine a wide range of fighting styles. But some styles are more effective than others.

Just look at all the hullabaloo Wing Tsun attracts every time a pundit suggests that the art might eventually come to dominate MMA.

Most MMA Betting enthusiasts you meet today will tell you the same thing: Don’t Bet on Wing Tsun Fighter’.

Wing Tsun is an Asian style that was popularized by the legendary Ip Man, a fighter who trained Bruce Lee in the use of this same art.

It is primarily because of its association with Bruce Lee that Wing Tsun has drawn so much interest. Many an MMA fan has spent years predicting the eventual rise of Wing Tsun in the UFC.

Of course, if you follow MMA, then you know that this hasn’t happened. In fact, Wing Tsun seems to lose more support with each passing year, mostly because a number of voices have arisen recently to challenge the claims of its efficacy as a useful MMA style.

In 2018, XU Xiaodong, a 39-year-old MMA fighter destroyed Ding Hao, a Wing Tsun practitioner and descendent of IP Man in a six-round bout. Xiaodong has made it his mission in life to prove that Chinese Kung Fu is a scam.

He isn’t the only one who dismisses Wing Tsun. A number of prominent MMA athletes argue that Wing Tsun’s emphasis on grounded close quarter combat and quick victories makes it unsuitable for the UFC ring.

So if you are new to MMA Betting, avoid staking any of your hard-earned money on Wing Tsun fighters. They will let you down.